Downsizing Property Clearing

Without the children sometimes the family home is not longer needed; alternately, you may want the children to move out and downsizing might be an appealing solution. To assist with this transition, We Move It can provide an upfront fixed-cost quote.

Our Service Includes

  • Free onsite assessment and quote
  • We may offer to purchase some items of value to help offset the cost of property clearance
  • Packing and transporting wanted items to your new address
  • Removal of all furniture and all other household items from the home and garden, including mattresses, perishables, paint tins, etc.
  • Removing items from wherever they are located on the property 
  • All disposal fees
  • We sort items into those suitable for:

Additional Services

  • Organise and arrange the transport and delivery of specific items to another location
  • Cleaning: Surface Clean – Wipe down kitchen, closets, bathroom, vacuum, sweep, mop
  • Cleaning: Full Home Clean / Bond Clean
  • Patching, plastering and repainting
  • Concreting and retaining walls
  • Landscaping