Junk Removal

We Move It can assist with the removal of just about anything. Our company caters to the needs of both domestic and commercial properties. We can remove any hard rubbish, office equipment, vehicles, machinery, etc. We provide an upfront fixed-cost quote to remove your junk.

Our Service Includes

  • Free onsite assessment and quote
  • Removal of all junk, furniture and all other household items from the home and garden, including mattresses, paint tins, etc.
  • Removing items from wherever they are located on the property 
  • All disposal fees
  • We sort items into those suitable for:

Additional Services

  • Organise and arrange the transport and delivery of specific items to another location
  • Cleaning: Surface Clean – Wipe down kitchen, closets, bathroom, vacuum, sweep, mop
  • Cleaning: Full Home Clean / Bond Clean
  • Patching, plastering and repainting
  • Concreting and retaining walls
  • Landscaping